A successful person…

Friends We live in a society dependent on technology. We need to know, and understand this constant advancing industry. You can never truly know to much! Always learning, always growing. 

Citing the results from the “Staples Small Business and Social Media Study,” Strauss notes that the top marketing wish list item among respondents was a Facebook page with 2 million engaged fans (41 percent). It even beat out a celebrity endorsement (22 percent) or the mother of all promotional triumphs, a Super Bowl ad (18 percent).

“Social media is as big as it gets,” says Strauss. Yet, 53 percent of small businesses struggle to find their footing on social media. It’s a shame, because among those businesses that did calculate a return on their social media usage, 76 reported a positive return. 

A successful person knows there is alway more to be learned! It just makes sense to be where the customer is going, instead of chasing where the customer has already been…. Be ahead of the game!!!


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