The slick GQ Business man, losses business credibility! WHY???

Your website represents YOU. It is the online version of your office/venue. The place people go when they want to do business with you. Its NOT enough these days to just have a website or even just have a good website. Today people expect your website will match their perception of you and your business.

Imagine meeting a well-suited slick man at a local networking event. He looks like he was pulled from a recent spread in GQ. He is social, and easy to talk to when he introduces himself. He tells you with authority he helps business owners triple their income, then smiles with confidence. You also hear from someone else he is a successful business consultant. You are impressed. Before leaving he makes sure to hand you his business card (also fancy, unique, impressive in itself) and invites you to his office for a meeting.  You think an opportunity to grow business is worth a meeting.

So you go to the meeting, except the office is hard to find. You drive around for 20 minutes in circles, frustrated before finally arriving at the building. The building looks more like a broken-down warehouse, located in a scary neighborhood, an area you double check locked doors, and don’t want to leave the car for long. The office is a small-congested space, paper everywhere, and to top it off it smells like dirty socks.

Will you still do business with this guy?  You may but you may also feel a major disconnect to his reputation and also to his business. If your website its up to par, easy to use, professional, this is the same disconnect your customer will feel with you. Today there are endless choices and people don’t have the patience for bad websites. Think about it, how long did u stay on a website you were unsure about?

According to Canadian researchers, web users form first impressions in as little as fifty milliseconds. In the blink of an eye we decide to keep looking or go back. This is why good enough IS NOT good enough anymore. You HAVE to have a great website.

If you don’t have a great website check out sample sites MOPRO has done @ click the “our work” tab, hope we can help!Image

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