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Restaurant owners I highly suggest reading the attached article/ linked.

Did you know the most common searched word on Google is “restaurant?” Think about it, you are visiting Las Vegas, from Orange County. After driving for about 4 hours, your family is starving and craving an incredible Italian restaurant. Mmmmm… Ideas anyone? Well, it only takes moments for a passenger to speak up! “I’ll look up, Italian restaurants in Las Vegas on my smartphone, give me just a second.” Seconds later the smartphone user is able to view many of Las Vegas’ finest Italian restaurants.  A place called Rao’s Italian Restaurant located in the Ceaser’s is at the top of Google’s first page (after Yelp and a few local restaurant review sites.) Now if Rao’s Italian Restaurant, does not have a proper website setup with mobile compatibility, the potential customer will skip over that venue option, and go to the very next choice on the Google search page.  This continues until the customer is able to find a restaurant that has been properly setup for their convenience. Properly setup, meaning the contact number NEEDS to pop up first, making it simple for the customer to call for availability. The online menu NEEDS to be available and clear, having high definition picture of each item makes the food ever more desirable. There NEEDS to be a button for making reservation, or ordering to go. Another key thing, especially for your smartphone users is a button at the top of the page (get directions) that way, with a simple click, a smarphone will bring you a new, and very happy customer. A customer your restaurant would NEVER have gotten if it weren’t for your properly setup website!

According to the 2012 Restaurant Internet Marketing Study, published by Restaurant Sciences, a provider of restaurant industry data and analytics,
“the next step in optimizing online presence is the establishment of a mobile website”.

Google reported that 64% of consumers searched for restaurants from their mobile devices
over Valentine’s weekend, 2012.
The study showed that national chains are light years ahead of the independents,
with only about one out of eight full service restaurant chains having a mobile website.
The numbers are even more dismal for independent restaurants,
with only about one out of twenty utilizing a mobile optimized site.
What makes this statistic especially shocking is that according to some studies and reports,
half of all visits to restaurant websites are from mobile devices.Image

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