A great “BOD” is the framework in Social Media Marketing!!!

This may not seem important, in Social Media marketing, but in fact it is the framework you absolutely must have to attract people to your product or service!! What is it? A GREAT BOD!!!!!

*Brand *Outcome *Differentiator

*BRAND- If your brand is summed up in few words what would it be? Ex. Our Company is Mopro; best summed up in few words as “Full Service” We constantly aim to provide our clients with anything they need relating to digital media.

*Outcome- what’s the outcome you help clients achieve? The final results, sum it up in one line. Ex. Mopro helps businesses grow more revenue by leveraging the Internet.

*Differentiator- what makes you inherently different from your competitors? Ex. Mopro creates original content. We take high resolution photos, of your product/ venue, your store, e-commers, mobile optimization, SEO, website, social media, promotions, e-list, and even more, but what differentiates us from other digital media company’s in our team available 24-7, and we send a professional team to you to shoot a high definition video telling your customers who you are, your businesses story. We aim to build a trusting relationship between the customer and owner.  People want to know and trust whom they do business with! So, your differentiator, in other words, is simply what makes you stand out!


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