MOPRO – Your Secret to Success

I am passionate and believe in what I do. That is why I take a lot of time to write/blog hoping to educate people on what I believe is thefastest evolving industry. When properly understood the potential for growth in any business is endless. If you don’t have a business and are not an entrepreneur, please help someone who is by sharing the information I have written below! I took a lot of time to write this so please take a second to read it. It could help you or someone you care about. ENJOY!


No longer is the most common question I get about my nationality, but people are always asking me what Mopro is! We do far more than just create incredible HTML5 website.

The Internet has been popular since the mid 1990s, but with so many mobile devices out there, more people are accessing the net than ever before! This sudden surge in connectivity has created INCREDIBLE opportunities for Small Businesses to develop, grow, and compete with any other business big or small. Everyday more and more of your businesses revenue should be coming from online customers. Whether online marketing, traffic, online shopper, social media, promotion; someone searching for your contact information or even looking for directions, everyone is online trying to FIND YOUR BUSINESS.

Technology is advancing at such a fast rate! People, especially your typical business owners, who have little to no time, CAN’T KEEP UP!!!

Well, that’s our job!! We are a technical team full of graphic designers, programmers, marketers, search engine optimization (SEO) specialist, social media stars, and digital dreamers assembled to create, develop, and grow your complete online business.

Now if your up to date with the business trends and news, you should know most of your revenue should be coming from online traffic. For example, if you’re visiting a city and looking for a local Mexican restaurant, when was the last time u phoned a friend? Why would you when most of us can use our smartphones, and in a matter of seconds pull up any Mexican restaurant in your current location! Now if the business website has mobile compatibility the viewer can instantly use the “call button” to make or check reservations/availability. Then simply use the “get directions” button and your smartphones navigation will take you straight to the restaurant you desire. Yeah It’s that EASY!

BUT WAIT…. Did u know that 90% of people who have websites do not have them set up for mobile capability? Well, there go’s that customer. Big bummer your website should have been set up for mobile compatibility…… Did you also know that small mom and pop restaurants in any town, have an estimated Google search average of 1000 search results monthly? What that means is 90% of people with websites that are not setup for smartphone users (mobile compatibility), lose 1000 potential customers!!! Basically 1000 people that walked by your front door, DID NOT come in!!! Can you afford not to attract at least 1000 new customers a month? This go’s for salons, med spas, tattoo parlors, dentist, doctors etc. According to Google, restaurants and salons are the two most searched for businesses on the web.

Social Media is accessible to anyone with Internet, and has the ability to make the world smaller. You can now reach out to potential customers across the world, which don’t know your product/venue even exists. Everyday, you can post updates about services, special offers, customer feedback, and appointment openings; all for FREE. Entrepreneurs and SMALL BUSINESSES are getting a “leg up” from social media around the world. Social Media is one more online tool that allows small businesses to compete with larger businesses and corporations! That being said, Mopro has created an easy to use website dash-board that links ALL YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA SITES TOGETHER, saving you hours of time, and still reaching MILLIONS in seconds. Mopro has also created suggested daily post, or you can schedule an automatic post daily! For example, if you have “Happy Hour” everyday, you can set up a daily post that looks like this.

“Hey Friends come in and visit our friendly, playful staff, and enjoy our delicious HAPPY HOUR from 4-6pm, 2 for 1 appetizers and drink specials you won’t want to miss!”

A post like this can automatically be posted to all your social media at 2:00 Monday-Friday, by pre programing it from your websites easy to use dash-board….WOW that’s Fantastic!

Believe it or not I HAVEN’T shared what truly makes Mopro unique. Now for the exciting stuff!!

The business world is almost completely consumed by the online world, that’s great!! But what’s missing online? Most people say, a relationship between the consumer and the business, I agree! Well Mopro has created a way to tell your personal business story online, creating that missing relationship!

What drives you? Why did you decide to create the business you have? What makes your business the best/better than your competitors? What feeling will someone experience the first time they visiting your venue? These questions are all important to your customers. People want to support you, when they know who you are! Consumers want to know where they are purchasing from, that you are real, and offer true value.

Mopro sends a highly trained production team out to your location. They film, edit and produce a high definition video of your story. We want to capture who YOU are, and where the passion for what you do comes from; that is “your story”. This is not a sales pitch video. This video will build that personal relationship between you and the customer that most online businesses don’t offer!

The online world is constantly evolving and can be intimidating…

I have your answer, Mopro!

Mopro can do all of this, and even more for your business. With Mopro you have your own team of digital SUPERHEROS! We are available 24-7 with a dedicated technical team. After becoming a part of the Mopro family, we personally set up a time every month to touch base with you, making sure you are a happy customer. A++ for customer service! If you have any questions or want me to get into further details about Mopro and everything it offers. Contact me at also check out our website at to view some of our work and the other needed features we offer. Thank you for reading my blog!



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