My first blog…

This is my first blog and I couldn’t be more excited. I was using my Facebook as a place to blog, and provide educating information about growing media and the fascinating changes our generation has made on business today!  Clearly my audience had no true interest in this subject. After reading several articles, I realize Facebook was simple a place to share my fitness passion, what I ate that day, what drama may have happened, and my most recent material purchase. Facebook didn’t seem to be the media that attracted the quality visiter I was hopping for… Poof my blog was created!! So what was I sharing on FB that didn’t seem to be creating the buzz I was looking for? SOCIAL MEDIA and DIGITAL MARKETING, a constant evolving resource. My Blog “NadiaSocial” will explore all the different social medias available and  the advantages they offer. I will also explore how you are able to grow your business online, and have the same impact a huge corporation can create. SEO (search engine optimization), mobile optimizations, and the rapid growth it is having 2013. I want to show you how to create a complete all-in-one online presence, as simple as using an apple product. And so much more…. Welcome to my ONLINE WORLD!! xo

WELCOME to "NadiaSocial"

WELCOME to “NadiaSocial”

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