DON’T Be in the DARK about your BUSINESS!

DON’T BE IN THE DARK about the easiest, fastest most powerful tools to transform YOUR BUSINESS!!

4.8 BILLION people now own mobile phones

4.2 Billion own a toothbrush!!!! Mmmmmm fascinatinggggggg!

64% of users have made a purchase decision based on social content !

680,000 pieces of content are shared on FACEBOOK every 60 seconds! WOW

70% of social Networkers shop ONLINE!!

People who view product VIDEO are 85% most likely to make a purchase. VIDEO IS A MUST!

97% of U.S. Internet users gather shopping information ONLINE!

People stay on WEBSITES with VIDEO 5-Times longerrrrr!!!!CONSUMERS WATCH 200 BILLION VIDEOS… EVERY MONTH

75% of users who receive positive support through BUSINESS’S SOCIAL channel go on to recommend that BUSINESS TO A FRIEND!

These are SIMPLE FACTS, your need to understand. They help grow and develop you entire online presence!


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